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7 Domains of Women's Health Book Signing


Tuesday, September 20th - 4:00pm

HSEB 1st Floor - Health Sciences Bookstore

In 7 Domains of Women’s Health, editors Frost and Digre, have brought together
a unique set of skillful, insightful, critically thinking clinicians, educators, and
scientists to guide exploration into the essential domains of health and the broad
impact that they have for all people.

This text embodies multiple perspectives and yields a multi-dimensional
character to each chapter. Deeply embedded in scientific understanding, the
authors effectively connect the domains and provide the reader with practical
action points as well as additional readings, Areas for Future Investigation, and
Topics for Reflection.

Caren Frost and Kathleen Digre’s, 7 Domains of Women’s Health, includes:
• An accompanying website to provide a deeper understanding beyond the textbook.
• Videos to allow engagement with the different functions of a variety of domains within the field.
• Action Points, Additional Readings, Topics for Reflection and MORE.

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