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Electroencephalography Technology Syllabus

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Refund Policy

Occasionally, students face circumstances that may lead to the difficult decision of withdrawing from the program. In most cases, the Utah END Institute will encourage students to work with the program to explore the possibility of continuing. In cases where withdrawal is imminent, it is essential to alert the program director and clinical coordinator as soon as possible. When possible, consideration for readmission into the program will be discussed with the withdrawing student. If the student will not be seeking readmission into the program, the following refund policy amounts will apply:

Date of Notification | Maximum Amount of Refund

7 days after start date | 90%

8–14 days after start date | 80%

15–21 days after start date | 70%

22–28 days after start date | 60%

29–35 days after start date | 40%

36–42 days after start date | 20%

More than 42 days after start date | NO Refund