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8:00am Welcome and Logistics
8:15am Keynote Speaker: Janis Miyasaki, MD, Med
University of Alberta
Grit - Why it Matters in Academic Medicine.  A Tale of Developing Neuropalliative Care
8:50am Keynote Speaker: Jeffrey Staab, MD, MS
Mayo Clinic
The Changing Landscape of Functional Neurological Disorders: Contributions from Research on Functional Vestibular Disorders
9:25am Satoshi Minoshima, MD, PhD
University of Utah
Molecular Brain Imaging in Cognitive and Movement Disorder Clinics
10:00am Emily Spoth, CGC, MS, LGC
University of Utah
The Era of Everyday Genetic Testing
10:20am Break
10:50am Srav Vegunta, MD
University of Utah
Pediatric Neuro-ophthalmology: What Kids are Telling you with their Eye Movements and Optic Nerves
11:10am Tammy Smith, MD, PhD
University of Utah
Laboratory Testing in Autoimmune Neurology: The Right Test for the Right Patient at the Right Time
11:30am Kevin Byrne, MD
University of Utah
Transformative Journeys: Promises and Challenges of Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies at HMHI/HCI
11:50am Josh Bonkowsky, MD, PhD
University of Utah
The Post-Diagnostics World in Pediatric Neurology
12:10pm Safdar Ansari, MD
University of Utah
Update on Hypothermia for Anoxic Brain Injury
12:45pm Break and Lunch
1:40pm Keynote Speaker: Janis Miyasaki, MD, Med
University of Alberta
Parkinson Disease Centers of Excellence Research
2:05pm Keynote Speaker: Jeffrey Staab, MD, MS
Mayo Clinic
Clinical Pearls on Diagnosis & Treatment of Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD)
2:30pm Marilyn McKasson, MD
Intermountain Healthcare
Teleneurology: Pitfalls and Practice
2:55pm Vivek Reddy, MD
University of Utah
Practice Updates 2024 - Prior Auths, Denials, Medicare Advantage...Oh My...
3:30pm Break
4:00pm Stefan Pulst, MD, Dr. med.
University of Utah
From Polyglutamine to Polyglycine Ataxias: The Novel SCA4 Gene Common in Utah and Southern Sweden

Resident Presentations

Yoji Hoshina, MD
Isolated Optic Neuritis: Etiology, Characteristics and Outcomes in a US Mountain West Cohort

MaryGlen Stanich, MD
Clinical Reasoning: A 7-year-old with New-Onset Seizures, Behavior Disturbance, and Encephalitis

Allison Chirigos, MD
Prechtl's General Movements Assessment at Writhing Age Guides MRI use in Clinical Implementation Network

5:20pm End of Conference
5:25pm Cocktails & Appetizers




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