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AAN 2023 Seminars


Saturday, April 22

Topic: Autonomic Neuropathies

Presenter: Guillaume Lamotte, MD

Summary: It is an educational plenary session on autonomic disorders. I will review the clinical evaluation of patients with suspected autonomic neuropathies, testing in autonomic neuropathies, and I will discuss cases to highlight selected autonomic neuropathies and their treatment.

Sunday, April 23

Topic: Cervical Radiculopathy

Presenter: Ligia V. Onofrei, MD

Summary: Participants should be able to recognize clinically important neck and upper limb pain and neurologic symptoms and signs indicating significant cervical spine disease and know when to order diagnostic tests and which tests to order for patients with cervical spinal cord and/or cervical spinal nerve impingement. Management of these patients will be discussed, non-operative treatment will be emphasized, and indications for surgery will be described.

Monday, April 24

Topic: Real-world Use of Current Headache Therapeutics

Presenter: Zubair Ahmed, MD

Summary: Participants should become familiar with recent consensus and guidelines on new treatments in headache medicine, be able to discuss and review real-world use of new treatment options in headache medicine as well as real-world evidence of new treatment options in headache medicine. Participants will also be able to report about ongoing research in the field of headache medicine.

Topic: When We Have to Think Outside the Box: Special Considerations in Post-anoxic SE and NORSE

Presenter: Carolina B. Maciel, MD, MSCR, FAAN

Summary: Participants will be able to describe which patients are at highest risk for nonconvulsive seizures and therefore warrant continuous EEG monitoring; manage equivocal EEG findings such as periodic discharges and the ictal-interictal continuum; rapidly diagnose and treat status epilepticus of all types; and better manage patients with postanoxic status epilepticus (including myoclonic SE) and NORSE.

Wednesday, April 26

Topic: Neurointensive Care: the Essentials

Presenter: Carolina B. Maciel, MD, MSCR, FAAN

Summary: Participants will learn about essential syndromes and disease states commonly encountered in neurocritical care and should be able to classify syndromes, recognize emergencies, apply treatment algorithms, and choose work-up. The course will use a combination of brief review on topics and case-based scenarios to allow attendees to organize scientific basis of various neurocritical disease processes and formulate management plans.

Topic: Adult Cases in Neurogenetics: Dilemmas and Therapeutic Options

Presenter: Jacinda B. Sampson, MD, PhD

Summary: Participants should be able to recognize and manage pediatric and adult neurogenetic diagnostic dilemmas, and become familiar with therapeutic implications and breakthroughs in the field.

Thursday, April 27

Topic: Updates in Prognostication and Management of Anoxic Brain Injury

Presenter: Jana Wold, MD

Summary: Participants should be able to employ methods to recognize patients at risk for delirium and enact treatments for in-hospital delirium; recognize the neurologic side effects of emerging cancer therapies and how to mitigate the risk of such side effects; and discuss updates to the prognostication of neurologic outcomes in cardiac arrest patients.